UK Environmental & Asbestos Solutions is one of the leading contractors offering an Asbestos Removal service throughout the UK. We offer a full asbestos abatement(removal and encapsulation) service to both domestic and commercial clients. We are able to offer highly skilled personnel to deal with your individual asbestos needs.

Private and Public Sector Asbestos Removal

We carry out all asbestos removal under the strictest accordance with Health & Safety Executive regulations ensuring only the highest of safety procedures are met. Our removal process guarantees that no airborne fibres are spread, therefore ensuring other workers and contractors are able to progress with activities elsewhere on site.

Asbestos Surveys

Our in-depth and rigorous surveying process strictly follows Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (CAWR) 2012, which was introduced April 2012. All asbestos surveying and sampling processes are carried out in accordance with the HSG 264 standard (Health & Safety Executive) and samples are analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory using specialised software to help with regulatory compliance.

Collection & Disposal of Asbestos

Our team of highly qualified experts will eliminate the risks associated with receiving and handling asbestos waste at client sites in full accordance with Control of Asbestos at Work Regulators 2012. All asbestos waste will be transported in secure containment to an Environmental Agency Approved waste disposal site located close to the project location ensuring a swift removal and lower carbon emissions are created through transportation.
To encourage best practise and develop new innovative techniques in removal process our team works closely with clients aiming to identify, devise and promote activities which can improve industry health and safety performance.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Due to the nature of asbestos and it’s wide use in commercial buildings it is sometimes not the best option for complete removal but instead encapsulation. Our methods of encapsulation can prove safer and more cost effective, causing less disruption to our clients business operations.
Our approach for any project will be stringently reviewed by a senior manager and recommended in a risk assessment prior to our highly skilled operatives attending the contaminated site.

Bespoke Services

Thanks to our firm holding both a Waste Carrier’s License and 3 Year Asbestos Removal license, we are one of the few asbestos removal services that can offer a complete management package for any project. At the outset of every project, we assess the full extent of asbestos waste and provide a tailored solution for stripping, removing, transporting, disposing and ensuring minimal site work disruption.
Secure waste transportation and disposal at an Environmental Agency approved disposal site is guaranteed.