Private Asbestos Removal

Completed 2015

We have been recently contacted by a homeowner client, who explained that they had previously called an Asbestos Removal contractor out to remove some Asbestos from their property. However, it hadn’t gone as the client had planned. What simply should have been removal of Asbestos cement sheeting from the garden, turned into the possibility of contaminated land; The unlicensed contractors has broken the sheeting in the garden, and instead of clearing up the debris, they had simply covered the debris with soil and other garden materials.

We sent our team of operatives out to undertake a clean-up of the garden and remove the hazardous material. After the clean-up was complete we had some samples taken of the soils free of charge for the customer to ensure the land was not contaminated.

We are licensed Asbestos Removal contractors and the jobs we undertake, no matter how big or small, are always completed to an excellent standard. In addition to this the samples we took from the land gave the customer the assurance that the job had now been completed properly and safely.